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We know the business. Grocery Delivery Inc. associates aren’t just contract employees; our shoppers have years of experience working in the retail grocery industry. We know the venues, the vendors and the values …. Let us make that knowledge work for you!

Preset fees. GDI bases its fee on how much you buy, but we use a graduated scale. For example, if your total is less than $100, our service costs $20, but for a limited time we are offering a $10 special. If you buy up to $199, we charge $25, and we’ll pick and deliver grocery orders of more than $200 for $20. There is a $20.00 per hour shopping fee with additional delivery cost of 20% of the total grocery and beverage items purchased. There is a $75 cancellation fee.

We honor next day delivery services, however, a $5 additional fee will be added to such orders.

One deal at a time. Some services require memberships and apps; they supplement their income by sharing your online information with data collection agencies and fill your email with newsletters and “special” offers. At GDI, you don’t make the commitment, we do: We pledge to provide great service at a fair price; we plan to earn your repeat business, not require it.

We live where you play. You’re on vacation! Why spend valuable time looking for stores, searching unfamiliar aisles, and standing in checkout lines? Let us do all of that while you use the extra time on the beach, in the water or at our area attractions. Our associates call the Gulf Coast home; we know the corner stores and giant box stores, the highways and byways, the long lights and shortcuts. If you need it, we know where to find it and the fastest, easiest way to get it to you.

Venmo and Cash app payments accepted.

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